Tricia Braid

Sep 12, 2013  |  Today's News

This week at a Thornton’s gas station in Crest Hill, IL Corn held a promotional event to bring attention to the price advantages of E-85 right now, as compared to regular gasoline. The cornerstone of the event was a personal appearance by NASCAR driver Kenny Wallace. Wallace, who will make his 900th career start this weekend in an American Ethanol supported car, pumped E-85 for flex-fuel vehicle owners, thanking them for supporting the fuel and the farmers that grow the corn.

With gas prices and oil prices on the rise, ethanol pricing is more and more attractive. Yes, we know not all stations are offering E-85 at a competitive price. Yes, we know that not all of you can get E-85 nearby.

That’s where YOU come in. The next time you stop to fill up and E-85 isn’t priced appropriately, ask to speak to the manager. Make your feelings known.

And if you can’t find E-85 in your area, then ask to speak to the manager and tell him/her that you’d like it to be an option at the pump.

The Illinois Corn Marketing Board has support opportunities available to expand the E-85 and blender pump fueling infrastructure in Illinois. These cost-share programs are intended to bring more pumps to the state. Currently, there are about 240 E-85 pumps in the state, and between 30 and 40 blender pumps.

If you’d like to join the campaign to make E-85 and other blends of ethanol more available, email our office to get your FREE I Grow It, I Use It magnetic car sign (pictured) to show your support for corn-based ethanol. Contact Becky Finfrock at bfinfrock@ilcorn.org with your name and address to receive your magnet.