Lindsay Mitchell

Nov 15, 2013  |  ICGA


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BLOOMINGTON, Ill.— Illinois family farmers are stunned at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) announcement today that they will decrease the amount of corn based ethanol required to be used in 2014 for gasoline manufacturers and retailers.

“This announcement is a significant hit for family farmers,” said ICGA President and Esmond, IL family farmer Paul Taylor.  “Corn prices are already below the cost of production and this announcement will cause corn prices to drop even further.  Family farmers will have to borrow money to cover their family’s living expenses as a result of this announcement, while Big Oil realizes massive profits yet again.”


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“The announcement to reduce the corn based ethanol requirement in the RFS is a signal to the renewable fuels industry that America isn’t interested in any further investment.  How will we encourage automakers to continue building flex fuel vehicles and letting Americans chose a renewable fuel when the EPA is telling us that domestic, renewable fuel is not a priority?”  Paul Taylor, Illinois Corn Growers Association President

“Ethanol is one dollar cheaper than gasoline, per the Chicago Mercantile Exchange,” said Paul Taylor, Esmond, IL farmer and ICGA President.  “Anyone who contradicts that ethanol is costing consumers more money needs to check it out for themselves.”

“Corn farmers supplied corn for a 13.8 billion gallon ethanol industry last year following the worst drought in 80 years.  We can certainly supply corn for a 14.4 billion gallon ethanol industry this year when we are seeing record yields.  This proposed rule makes no sense,” said Paul Taylor, Esmond, IL family farmer.

“The bright spot in this announcement is that these rules are only proposed rules.  Illinois farmers have the opportunity to provide their comments to the EPA and I certainly hope they will make their disappointment known.  Real families are affected by this confusing decision,” said Paul Taylor, Esmond, IL family farmer.

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