Lindsay Mitchell

Dec 20, 2013  |  Today's News

The Illinois Corn Marketing Board will continue their involvement in NASCAR in 2014, again promoting E15 as a green, renewable, domestic fuel that performs well in race cars and consumer vehicles.

Part of that sponsorship will be Austin Dillon in the historic No. 3 car sponsored by American Ethanol for some of his races which he discussed on CBS Today this morning.

“I've been running it [the No. 3] for four years in different series and hearing people come up talking about Dale, I think it's very special,” said Dillon. “I think now that we've brought it to today and going cup racing with it - it’s exciting for people who didn't know about Dale also.”

Dillon told CBS News’ Manuel Bojorquez that Dale Earnhardt Jr. has been “very supportive and excited to see it back out on the track.”

American Ethanol is excited to be a part of this historic, and media rich, opportunity.

Our current and past media touches through NASCAR are yielding results.  The NASCAR Green television spots are a reported $5 million media value which is a significant return on investment.  We’ve also seen 14.4 million media impressions from a Washington, D.C. digital ad campaign talking about the positive benefits of ethanol.

16.5 million unique radio listeners heard Austin Dillon discuss American Ethanol's sterling performance racking up 5 million miles in all three major NASCAR series when NASCAR hit the landmark earlier this year.  And Dillon won NASCAR Nationwide Series Championship with American Ethanol associate sponsorship as well as a historic Eldora truck race win with the American Ethanol sponsorship.

The return of No. 3 to the track is a memorable opportunity to honor a great man and promote a great fuel that we look forward to.