Tricia Braid

Jan 20, 2014  |  Today's News

Are you one of the tens of thousands of people who’ve received a so-called ‘robo-call’ from Big Oil’s American Petroleum Institute (API)? Apparently, the folks over at API don’t lose sleep over lying because the messages they’re leaving on answering machines across the nation are full of fibs. Illinois Corn obtained a recording of the message.

Click here to listen to the phone message from Big Oil’s special interest group, the American Petroleum Institute.

Here’s the script:

“Hi. This is Tom calling from the American Petroleum Institute.
Special interest groups are pushing the EPA to increase the amount of ethanol in our gasoline.
Results could be higher food prices and damaged car engines.
We need the EPA to stand up for American families and resist these extremists.
We will send a letter to the EPA on your behalf.
Tell the EPA to do the right thing for American consumers.
If you'll allow us to send a letter on your behalf, please press 1 now.
Thank you for your support. To learn more, please visit energy citizens dot org.
Paid for by the American Petroleum Institute

Yes, we know it’s upsetting that farmers like you are being labeled as extremists. Yes, we know that ethanol isn’t responsible for the increase in food prices. Yes, we know that ethanol doesn’t ruin car engines.

But what about the other 99% of people receiving those calls. Do they know?

We’re guessing they don’t. That’s why it’s vital that you add your voice to this discussion. Go to and follow the four steps outlined there. When you leave your comment on the EPA docket, be sure to add your own sentence or two so that EPA is forced to count your comment individually, instead of just lumping it in with the other form letters.

Don’t sit by and let Big Oil’s lies about your product determine your destiny.

Watch you home phones for calls from IL Corn later this week. We’ll be providing information to you on this highly important issue.