Lindsay Mitchell

Jan 29, 2014  |  Today's News

The farm bill passed in the House today! Many thanks to the members of the Illinois delegation who voted for the bill: Cheri Bustos, Rodney Davis, Tammy Duckworth, Bill Enyart, Bill Foster, Randy Hultgren, Robin Kelly, Adam Kinzinger, Dan Lipinski, Peter Roskam, Brad Schneider, Aaron Schock, and John Shimkus.

Now we move on to the Senate. The Senate anticipates a vote on this bill on Thursday, January 30 or Friday, January 31. We could have a Farm Bill passed by the end of this week!

Please call Senator Kirk and Senator Durbin. Ask them for their "yes" vote on the farm bill this week.

Senator Mark Kirk: 202-224-2854

Senator Dick Durbin: 202-224-2152

This farm bill, formally called the Agricultural Act of 2014, maintains crop insurance provisions, does not link Title I programs to planted acres, and funds Market Access Programs and Foreign Market Development programs.

If you would like more information on this bill, talking points, an update from Congressman Rodney Davis who sat on the Farm Bill Conference Committee, and even the full text of the bill are available by clicking here.

Thank you for your action to pass the Agricultural Act of 2014.