Lindsay Mitchell

Jan 03, 2014  |  Today's News

Following the long holiday season, 155 Illinois farmers have submitted comments to the docket, letting the EPA know that reducing ethanol volume obligations will have a significant impact on their profitability.  Are you one of the 155?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s November 15 announcement to cut the amount of corn ethanol required under the 2014 Renewable Fuel Standard by 10 percent will affect corn prices and rural economies. Essentially, this reduces the ethanol market for your corn.  Fewer market opportunities mean lower corn prices. Lower corn prices mean less farmer investment in rural economies.

Luckily, their effort to reduce your ethanol market is only a proposed rule and not final … yet. There are several ways we can spend the next 30 days making sure the EPA and the administration understands exactly how their arbitrary decision about the ethanol market will effect farmers and rural communities.

If you are only going to spend the time to do one thing to prevent this reduction in the ethanol market, we’d ask you for a call to Senator Durbin at 202-224-2152.  Senator Durbin has always taken the time to listen to the concerns of the agricultural community and we believe that his willingness to listen and his relationship with the Obama administration makes him the right person to call during this critical time.

Ask Senator Durbin to call the White House with the message that “The EPA must reevaluate their proposed rule on the RFS.”

A next step would be to submit comments to the docket.  The National Corn Growers Association has provided several easy ways for you to submit a comment, or even personalize it to show the EPA just how many dollars their decision could mean to your business and your local economy.

This proposed rule will have a negative impact on your farm’s profitability if allowed to become final.  Please get plugged in today!