Tricia Braid

Jan 14, 2014  |  Today's News

Have you seen an anti-ethanol message pop up on your computer or smartphone screen recently when checking your email? It’s very likely you have, as you (more specifically your demographic) is the target audience for Big Oil’s attack against the RFS.

It may startle you to hear this, but those ads that show up while you’re checking email, googling a topic, or looking at your facebook page aren’t just coincidental. They’re particularly targeted. You see the ads because you live in a specific Congressional district. Or you’re of a particular age. Or because you get emails with the word “ethanol” showing up frequently.

It’s that easy to target you for advocacy messages. So if these anti-ethanol messages are reaching you—and you know better than to believe the nonsense—think about all the other people that are seeing them, too!

Illinois Corn can’t do anything to make those ads go away, but we can invest your corn checkoff dollars to help counter the bad information. Public communication and education is one of our top priorities on your behalf. Programs like the Corn Farmers Coalition, Illinois Farm Families, and even the American Ethanol NASCAR program help improve education about corn farmers like you and the way you farm.

So what can you do? CLICK THE ADS! Yes, do it. For every click on their ads the company, presumably Big Oil, pays more. So you can hit them in their pocketbook, one click at a time.