Lindsay Mitchell

Jan 21, 2014  |  Today's News

Lowering the amount of ethanol used in 2014 as the EPA is currently proposing we do will effect more than the farmers supplying the ethanol industry.  Non-farmers who rely on ethanol to bring down the cost of fuel, displace barrels of foreign oil, and clean up the air in their cities will be hurt too.

But sometimes, it’s hard for those non-farmers to dig through all the rhetoric to understand the true impact of less renewable fuel for themselves.

Our newest fact sheet and video built entirely of infographics might help us help the urban, non-farmer population.  With details about the sacrifices we make when fuel prices go up, to the indirect effects on food prices from increased shipping costs – less ethanol will put a dent in the pocketbooks of many urban families.

Check out the video and fact sheet we’ve created.  Share them with your non-farmer friends.  Use them for visits with urban legislators to help them understand the impact of less renewable fuels.

If made final, this EPA proposal will make a bigger difference than they think!