Lindsay Mitchell

Mar 31, 2014  |  Today's News

Implementation decisions on the 2014 Farm Bill have barely begun, but you’re trying to get a crop in the ground.  It’s difficult to farm when you don’t understand the safety net you’re operating above!

The University of Illinois’ FarmDoc Daily has good information that might help you learn more about the new farm bill and what it could mean for your farm.  Proceed through the following links in chronological order to understand what experts believe about the new farm program options as information was available or skip through to learn specifically about crop insurance or supplemental coverage.

Many thanks to the University of Illinois and specifically to Gary Schnitkey, Nick Paulsen, Carl Zulauf, and Jonathan Coppess for these excellent articles on decision making.

January 30 – 2014 Farm Bill Farm Safety Net: Summary and Brief Thoughts

February 6 – Evaluating Commodity Program Choices in the New Farm Bill

February 11 – 2014 Crop Insurance Decisions: The 2014 Farm Bill and 2014 Product Recommendations

February 12 – 2014 Crop Safety Net Decision: Key Considerations

February 20 – Agriculture Risk Coverage and Price Loss Coverage in the 2014 Farm Bill

February 27 – 2014 Farm Bill: The Supplemental Coverage Option

March 6 – 2014 Farm Bill: Reallocating Base Acreage

March 18 – ARC-PLC Decision: Why It Differs from the ACRE-DCP Decision