Tricia Braid

Apr 22, 2014  |  Today's News

Today, April 22, is Earth Day. It’s a day when many different groups celebrate and promote many different issues and initiatives. Here at IL Corn, we’d like to point out that every day is Earth Day for farmers. And as far as environmental work goes? You’d be amazed at what a corn farm can do.

One acre of corn removes 36,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air in a growing season. That’s enough to neutralize the CO2 pollution in a year’s time from 6 cars.

One acre of corn produces enough oxygen for 131 people’s needs for an entire year.

A corn field “sweats” through the transpiration process more water than it needs to grow, making it part of the continual water cycle.

A corn plant’s leaves are like solar panels, absorbing energy from the sun that is unusable to animals and humans as energy and depositing it in the kernel in the form of caloric energy.