Tricia Braid

Apr 23, 2014  |  Today's News

We’re aware that prices for your Illinois corn crop have dropped by nearly 40% over this time last year. A return to a nearly trend-line crop in 2013 after the drought of 2012 brought with it an expected drop in prices. That drop doesn’t need to be so steep, but artificial barriers to ethanol’s market access mean it is. IL Corn is working on improving the demand picture for your product because corn farmers’ profitability is our bottom line.

Presently, the Illinois General Assembly is considering legislation that would incentivize gasoline retailers to add more options at the pump through higher blends of ethanol. They could do that by putting in E-15, or by adding additional, so-called blender pumps for flex fuel. You’ve probably received communication from us on this issue. Find out more here.

In the meantime, consider this information about this year’s corn crop.