Lindsay Mitchell

May 01, 2014  |  Today's News

It might be May Day, but the news is not all roses and posies for the American Petroleum Institute (API).

A news conference yesterday, hosted by Americans United for Change (AUFC) and, revealed that the API effort against the Renewable Fuel Standard is funded by Saudi Arabia’s national oil company.

“Here you have a lobbyist for the Saudi King helping call the shots at the American Petroleum Institute,” AUFC president Brad Woodhouse said in a statement. “They’re funneling Saudi Oil money into a campaign to force us all to buy more Saudi oil, and passing it off as American as apple pie.”

Farmers have been trying to explain the energy security benefits of domestically produced ethanol for years, but with a few new colleagues under their belt, the message might resonate.

As for API and their well-coordinated, unprofessional attack against the RFS and renewable fuels, it appears they may have chosen the wrong bed fellows.  Illinois farmers are proud to stand with our veterans and other thoughtful Americans to support ethanol.

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