Lindsay Mitchell

Jun 16, 2014  |  Today's News

This article is noteworthy.

In fact, this one simple paragraph makes it something you should click on and read through.

“Think about that for a second: A Monsanto executive, an organic farmer, an anti-industrial farming activist, and a journalist all concur on the path forward. That represents a damn broad coalition. And maybe that means that all those facts I was so keen to flesh out really don’t matter. If we’re all in agreement about where we should be headed, maybe it’s time to move past the GMO debate and get on with the journey.”

The article tells of a dialogue hosted by Climate One to discuss GMOs.  And while the panelists agreed that there is no way to be 100 percent sure that GMOs are safe, they also agreed that there is no proof of safety for iPhones and solar panels. 

Waiting on proof of safety would mean that no new technologies would be used ever again. 

So in the meantime, consumers must be willing to accept that GMOs are the most tested food on the market and, thus far, no safety concerns have been found.  When will that be enough?

We agree.  Let’s move past the GMO debate and get on with the journey.  Farmers are just itching to meet the challenge of feeding more and more people with less and less land.