Lindsay Mitchell

Jun 19, 2014  |  Today's News

The Renewable Fuel Standard is being threatened. 

When passed, the legislation seemed like a huge success for the nation – an end to imported oil and the wars that it causes, a benefit to the environment, and an investment in rural America.  After all, who wouldn’t prefer to buy American?

But as a country, we’ve forgotten all the things that make ethanol, and thus the Renewable Fuel Standard, great.  We’re believing the lies that Oil is selling in an effort to retain their market share.  We’re losing sight of the truth.

  • Ethanol and the RFS save us money.  In 2013, consumers saved between $700 million and $2.6 trillion when purchasing ethanol blends at the pump.
  • The RFS means less imported oil.  In 2013, ethanol displaced $48 billion worth of imported oil and gasoline imports dropped to almost zero!
  • The RFS cuts greenhouse gas emissions.  Today’s ethanol reduces greenhouse gas emissions 34-48%.
  • RFS creates jobs.  The ethanol industry supports 86,000 direct jobs and research tells us that.  Since the Renewable Fuel Standard was passed in 2005, estimates suggest that the number working in agriculture and related industries has increased by approximately 28,000 in Illinois, helping to offset job losses due to recession.
  • RFS means investment and innovation.  Because of the RFS, innovation and development of new technologies, like ethanol from trash and agricultural waste is a reality.