Tricia Braid

Jun 25, 2014  |  Today's News

As the Administration and USEPA continue their deliberations on a proposed rule that would roll back the amount of corn-based ethanol that is blended in our nation’s fuel supply. This is related to the so-called ethanol blend wall---the point at which we’ve met the legislative cap on ethanol gallons blended into E10 regular unleaded. Illinois Corn Marketing Board is working on several research projects to move past the blend wall.

As 2014 farm income is expected to be down, we’re looking for ways to bump up corn prices and improve corn demand. Growing ethanol demand is one way to get that done.

ICMB is working on:

  • Grants to install E15, flex fuel, E85 and blender pumps.
  • Research that proves corn-based ethanol’s environmental benefits.
  • Partnering with Argonne National Laboratory on information that disputes anti-ethanol claims.
  • Ethanol infrastructure development.
  • Research that proves ethanol should be considered an advanced biofuel.
  • Improving the public perception of ethanol through the NASCAR sponsorship.
  • And many other programs.

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