Tricia Braid

Jul 18, 2014  |  Today's News

With corn prices down and an expected record breaking crop in the ground, IL Corn knows that supporting corn demand is key to maintaining profits. One way to do that is to increase demand for ethanol. Now’s a good time for that, as well, as ethanol futures are running 80 cents to $1.00 a gallon cheaper than gasoline at the CME. To bring attention to this positive price opportunity, the Illinois corn checkoff is running radio ads in the Chicago market encouraging motorists to fuel up with E85.

To listen to the radio ad, click here.

Here is the script for the radio ad.

Did you know that this week at the CME ethanol prices are close to a dollar cheaper per gallon than summertime gasoline?

Bring those savings home to your household!

Choose to fill up your tank with E85 or other flex fuel ethanol blends if you drive a flex fuel vehicle.

Not only is ethanol good for your wallet, it’s better for the environment, too.

Just ask the American Lung Association in Illinois how ethanol blends are helping to clean up Chicago’s air right now!

The choice is clear. Save money at the pump. Clean the Air. Choose Ethanol!

Find out more at w-w-w dot clean air choice dot org.

To find out more about flex-fuel, visit