Tricia Braid

Jul 30, 2014  |  Today's News

Earlier this week, the Chicago City Council Committee on Finance heard a proposal that would offer Chicagoans enhanced choice at the pump...access to E15. Action to finalize the ordinance could come as early as September. 

Can you imagine that Chicago would be the first major market for E15? And that the people backing the initial proposal aren't farm, corn, or ethanol organizations?  That's the case now as long-time City Alderman Burke, sometimes called the unofficial Mayor of Chicago, teamed up with Alderman Beale to introduce the ordinance. Environmental health and consumer choice were on their minds, and E15 delivers on both issues.

During the Monday hearing, Big Oil interest showed up in large numbers. That was no surprise. Their anti-ethanol arguments were no surprise, either. They are still using the same, old, tired claims. You know the drill...food versus fuel, the ruining of all engines, higher gas prices, blah blah blah.

The good news for us is that those are bogus claims. And we can prove it as long as we're given the opportunity.

Look to IL Corn to keep you updated as we head toward the date when Chicago becomes the first city in the nation that provides all motorists a choice at the pump regardless of Big Oil's stranglehold.