Tricia Braid

Nov 26, 2014  |  Today's News

On November 25 the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency released its draft Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy. The Strategy, as it is called, aims to reduce the annual loading of nitrate-nitrogen and total phosphorus to the Mississippi River by 45% (measured against the average load over the 1980-1996 time period).

IL Corn was among the groups that provided input to formulate this draft Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy. We believe in supporting continuing voluntary efforts to manage nutrients and improve water quality in a way that is sensible from both an environmental and economic perspective.

The draft Strategy is designed to improve Illinois water quality and the quality of water leaving the state. We support the use of voluntary, incentive-based programs focused on the implementation of best management practices to address nutrient losses from Illinois farm fields. Interim goals of the plan are to reduce nitrate-nitrogen 15% by 2025 and reduce total phosphorus 25% by 2025.

IL Corn will study the draft Strategy and share more information as it becomes available. You can read the draft and find other information here.

A background page on the Strategy is available here