Tricia Braid

Dec 08, 2014  |  Today's News

Just this afternoon the Chicago City Council Committee on Finance passed the Chicago Clean E15 ordinance. IL Corn has been involved in this ordinance's passage by supporting work with educating the Chicago aldermen and the public through radio and print ads.

The full City Council will consider the ordinance in the coming weeks. When it passes, gas stations in Chicago that sell more than 850,000 gallons of fuel a year will be adding E15 to their fuel lineup.

That means that E15 will be available at about 250 pumps in the city at the stations that sell the most fuel.

Chicago was the first city to ban leaded gasoline. They were then the first city to ban the toxic oxygenate MTBE which cleared the way for ethanol to be the octane booster of choice. Now we're pleased to say that it's quite likely that Chicago and Illinois will be the epicenter of widespread E15 availability.

The win didn't come easily. Big Oil saturated the Chicago media market with their falsehoods about ethanol. They really do know how to play dirty.

IL Corn appreciates the leadership of Growth Energy in this effort.