Lindsay Mitchell

Dec 03, 2014  |  Today's News

The Illinois Corn Growers Association asks for members to call their congressman and ask for a vote in support of the Able Act, H.R. 674.

The Able Act includes a provision to increase the user fee barge and towing companies pay into the Inland Waterways Trust Fund (IWTF).


  • This is an increase that corn farmers support and have been working towards for many years.
  • All river transportation system users support this fee increase as well – including barge and towing companies.
  • This increase provides us funding to upgrade dilapidated locks and dams in a timely fashion.
  • If the U.S. wants to remain a competitor in the global marketplace, we must invest in infrastructure.
  • The user fee is set at 20 cents today and this increase would take it to 29 cents per gallon. 


The Able Act is a bipartisan bill that our entire Illinois delegation can feel good about supporting.  Not only to farmers need a “yes” vote to get their grain to export markets most efficiently, but all Illinoisans need a “yes” vote to ensure that the goods we rely on (like rock salt for the Chicago roads in winter) will be delivered in a timely fashion. 

In addition, a “yes” vote is a vote to build export opportunity for our state and our nation which will only further boost our economy.  The additional funds will also put many carpenters and laborers to work as they build new locks and dams and improve our river infrastructure.

The Able Act is a win for every single district in our state.  Please consider calling your Congressman today to request his or her vote in support of the Able Act, H.R. 674.