Lindsay Mitchell

Jan 14, 2015  |  Today's News

The Illinois Corn Marketing Board is seeking applicants for three summer internship positions to promote and educate non-farmers about farming, Illinois agriculture, and corn production. 

Students participating in these programs can expect to have a meaningful work experience, add to their portfolio, and understand more about communications and marketing to non-farmers.  Additionally, students are part of a fun working environment, with opportunities for hands on promotions and work with farmers.

Details about the internships can be found online at . The three ICMB positions include an Education Specialist to administer training to teachers in the Ag-in-the-Classroom Summer Institute Program, and two Communications internships. One of the Communications internships will focus on technical production of videos and graphics while assisting in social media. The other will focus on issues management, scripting video, and social media.

Qualified applicants must be Illinois residents, have a driver’s license, and enrolled full time in a college undergraduate or graduate degree program. Other skills and preferred qualifications are listed online at the Illinois Corn website.

Applications for the three ICMB internships are due March 2, 2015