Tricia Braid

Apr 06, 2015  |  Today's News

Illinois now has 14 ethanol plants operating. We know that if we could replace a portion of the IL gasoline supply with the ethanol we produce here it would amount to about 1/3 of our state’s gasoline demand. Of course, due to arbitrary restrictions limiting ethanol beyond the E10 level, we haven’t been able to grow demand as much as we’d like. That’s why IL Corn is working on legislation in Springfield and the ordinance in Chicago. Read more here to see the weekly U.S. ethanol production data for the week ended 3/27/2015.

According to Energy Information Administration data, ethanol production averaged 952,000 barrels per day (b/d)—or 39.98 million gallons daily. That is down 1,000 b/d from the week before. The four-week average for ethanol production stood at 949,000 b/d for an annualized rate of 14.55 billion gallons.

Stocks of ethanol stood at 20.5 million barrels. That is a 3.6% decrease from last week.

Imports of ethanol were zero b/d for the 13th week in a row.

Gasoline demand for the week averaged 396.3 million gallons daily. Refiner/blender input of ethanol averaged 869,000 b/d.

Expressed as a percentage of daily gasoline demand, daily ethanol production was 10.09%.

On the co-products side, ethanol producers were using 14.435 million bushels of corn to produce ethanol and 106,246 metric tons of livestock feed, 94,719 metric tons of which were distillers grains. The rest is comprised of corn gluten feed and corn gluten meal. Additionally, ethanol producers were providing 5.60 million pounds of corn distillers oil daily.