Tricia Braid

May 01, 2015  |  Today's News

If you’re in the listening area of WGN or WLS in Chicago, you’ve probably heard the terrible anti-ethanol and anti-E15 radio ads that Big Oil henchmen are airing. Yes, we’ve heard them, too. Yes, we know they’re full of lies. But here’s the thing: we must really be getting under their skin with this E15 ordinance. Otherwise, they’d just be brushing us off. IL Corn is on top of this for you, working quietly with our partners behind the scenes to make sure that renewable fuels and consumer choice win the day.

In case you hadn’t heard, the City Council of Chicago is anticipated to consider the Chicago Clean Air Choice E15 ordinance in an upcoming council meeting. The Aldermen are hearing from Big Oil day in, and day out on this issue. Big Oil must be threatened or they wouldn’t be putting the money into this PR battle like they are.

They might be able to outspend us, but they can’t tell the kind of story we can. Their story is full of environmental disasters and wars. Ours is full of promise, families, and environmental awareness.

We’ve partnered in newspaper ad placement, we’ve written op-eds and letters to the editor. And we’ve also supported the education efforts about ethanol put together by the American Lung Association in Illinois including a radio ad that's airing on WGN, WLS, and WBBM.

It’s time to Clear the Air Chicago with E15. And as they say, don't weaken now! No, we won't weaken. IL Corn is standing fast against the Big Oil bullies.