Tricia Braid

May 04, 2015  |  Today's News

The American Lung Association in Illinois (ALAIL) has placed a large advertising buy on three Chicago radio stations this week. The point of the ad is to educate listeners on how higher blends of ethanol can help improve air quality. Illinois Corn Marketing Board invests farmer checkoff dollars with ALAIL to help promote ethanol education and to facilitate grants that help offset the costs of the necessary pump upgrades to make higher ethanol blends available at gas stations.

You can listen to the radio advertisement for yourself by clicking here.

The advertisement, which sounds more like a Public Service Announcement, goes like this:

What do you think about your choices at the pump?

Do you wish you could find something to feel good about when you fill up?

Something that’s cleaner burning, and renewable?

Are you looking for a fuel that’s better for the environment?

Higher ethanol blends are the answer. Ethanol is cleaner burning, renewable, and it’s a high performance fuel.

The choice is yours. The Choice is Clear. Choose clean air. And a clear conscience.

It’s time to Clear the Air, Chicago, with higher ethanol blends.

A message from the American Lung Association in Illinois.


What choices are you making at the pump?

Don’t forget, if you drive a flex fuel vehicle (FFV) you can use any ethanol blend up to and including E85.

If you drive a car model year 2001 and newer, you can choose E15, a 15% blend of ethanol. It is available at a growing number of gas stations in Illinois and typically runs 3-5 cents less expensive than regular gasoline. Its octane rating is 88.5.