Lindsay Mitchell

Jun 18, 2015  |  Today's News

After a confusing set of votes on Friday that passed a Trade Promotion Authority, but one without the means to conference with the Senate passed version, the House passed a TPA bill again today. 

This time, the bill can be more easily conferenced with the Senate version to produce a final process allowing President Obama to negotiate trade agreements with other countries.

Farmers are elated to see America one step closer to free trade agreements that will open markets, provide economic activity, and build jobs within the country.

Previous trade negotiations have been huge success stories for agriculture.  In 2014, Colombia bought 166 million bushels of U.S. corn worth about $900 million – a five-fold increase from the 21 million bushels worth $180 million the country bought in 2011.

On Friday, a separate but companion bill, the Trade Adjustment Assistance, failed in the House and has not been brought back for a second vote, though all indications are that the House plans to vote on Trade Adjustment Assistance again at some point.  The Senate bill includes both TPA and TAA in one bill.

Illinois House members voting for TPA today:

Congressman Bost

Congressman Dold

Congressman Hultgren

Congressman Kinzinger

Congressman Quigley

Congressman Roskam

Congressman Shimkus