Lindsay Mitchell

Jul 07, 2015  |  Today's News


Due to IL state budget woes, many ag education programs – like 4-H for example – will go unfunded in the coming year.  State Rep Jerry Costello wants to do something about that.

He is heading up a petition to help Governor Rauner see the value in Illinois citizen’s that know and understand the agricultural industry on which the state’s economy is founded.

On his Facebook page, he urges, “Please join me in standing with the youth of Illinois by signing the petition and sharing it with others that will be affected by this funding suspension.”

The petition states: As agriculture is the number one business in the state, we, the undersigned, stand with State Rep. Jerry Costello in urging Governor Rauner to reverse his decision to suspend funding for County Fairs, Soil and Water Conservation Districts and the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension Service, including 4-H programs. Agricultural education is a key part of life for young people in Southern Illinois, teaching them to be responsible and future leaders, and statistics show how much more successful youth are in school and life when participating in these programs. Suspending funding for programs that help our young people will jeopardize Southern Illinois’ future.

If this issue interests you and you’d like to participate, you can find the online petition here