Lindsay Mitchell

Sep 02, 2015  |  Today's News

If you haven't visited us at the Farm Progress Show yet, you may want to plan a trip to Decatur, IL tomorrow!

Some great things are happening in the IL Corn tent, lot #355.

We've tested more than 150 water samples from all over IL and we've helped farmers understand how a few best management practices can make a significant impact on their farms.

We've entered hundreds of farmers in a drawing to win a John Deere Flex Fuel mower, the value of which is roughly equal to the value of the nutrients lost every year on an average 800 acre farm in this area.

We've talked to farmers, FFA students, agribusinessmen, and others about important issues like free trade with Cuba and GMO labeling AND we've prepared hundreds of letters to Illinois Senators Durbin and Kirk on these topics.

We've engaged with our farmer friends from Farm Hats Facebook group, and had so much fun with some new photos!

We've talked about ethanol and the promise it holds for IL corn farmers as a meaningful way to increase demand for their product.

We've made new friends, visited with old ones, and just had a great time so far!  Make sure to visit us on lot #355 if you're coming out to the show tomorrow!