Hannah Ferguson

Oct 29, 2015  |  Today's News

Here in Illinois, 93 percent of the corn crop is now harvested and in the bin. You might be wondering, where will that corn go? Here’s a look at the breakdown of markets for the corn grown in Illinois.

For the 2015 crop:

Area harvested                                                  11,500,000 acres

Average yield                                                     170 bushels per acre

Production                                                           1,955,000,000 bushels

Supply (includes previous yr carryover)        2,266,000,000 bushels


Feed use                                                    244 mil bu

Feed use in state                                      112 mil bu

          Dairy                                                  8 mil bu

          Beef cattle                                         8 mil bu

          Hogs                                                  85 mil bu

          Poultry                                               9 mil bu

          Other                                                  2 mil bu


Processing in state                                        920 mil bu

          Wet milling for ethanol                        151 mil bu

          Dry milling for ethanol                         351 mil bu

          DDG production                                    2,569,000 metric tons

          Corn displaced by DDG                      27 mil bu


Total Use in state                               1.164 mil bu


Exported out of state                                        806 mil bu

          Exports as %age of supply                   35.5%

          Exports as %age of current yr prod     41.2%


Data provided by The ProExporter Network