Lindsay Mitchell

Feb 03, 2016  |  Today's News |  Livestock

According to the CME Group’s Daily Livestock Report dated January 26, Illinois has increased its breeding herd by 20,000 head and its market hogs by 830,000 from 2006-2015.

This huge positive can be attributed in part to the work of the Illinois Livestock Development Group, a collation of Illinois Beef Association, Illinois Corn Marketing Board, Illinois Farm Bureau, Illinois Milk Producers’ Association, Illinois Pork Producers Association, and Illinois Soybean Association. 

Together, the coalition has promoted a positive image of the livestock industry, hired a Livestock Business Developer to help farmers understand and navigate the new and expanding farm process, and sought out opportunities to bring more livestock into the state. 

Livestock farms represent tremendous opportunity for the local communities and state to capitalize on tax income and general economic growth.

Illinois’s market hog gain was third only to Iowa and Minnesota. Significant losses in market hogs and breeding herds can be seen along the eastern coast.