Tricia Braid

Mar 11, 2016  |  Today's News

Ahead of the March 15th Illinois primary vote, the Illinois Corn Growers Association launched an online ad campaign. The campaign directs the target audience to visit a specific page of our website, At that page, visitors will find information to counter some of the most common myths and mistakes about ethanol that have been swirling around for months during the presidential primary race. The hyper-targeted campaign guarantees more than 1 million impressions between now and the end of the day on March 15th.

The digital advertising campaign was placed through the Google Display Network and Facebook ad exchange. These ads will reach people on their laptop and desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. The ads are going to hit people age 25-64 who live in the state of Illinois, and based on their search history online, have shown that they are politically active.

The website page will remain active beyond March 15th and through the November election, although the planned advertising ends next week.