Lindsay Mitchell

Apr 15, 2016  |  Today's News

Monday’s Crop Progress will likely look a lot different after favorable weather this weekend.

According to the April 11 report, significantly cooler temperatures, with temperatures dipping below freezing in some areas, have kept most farmers from planting until the soil warms up. Statewide, the average temperature was 41.1 degrees, 6.3 degree below normal.  Two percent of the corn crop is planted so far, compared to the 5-year average of 6 percent.

Some farmers in Central Illinois report having started planting this week, and predictions indicate that most farmers will get started in the field this weekend as dry weather and temperatures in the low to mid 70s are forecast.

But where will all this corn go?

For many farmers, the spring planting season is full of potential and promise, as the beginning of a new year gets underway and the seeds placed in the ground hold the hope of a fantastic year.  But in 2016, low prices fueled by high carryover from 2015, high estimates of corn acres from the March 31 Prospective Planting report, and misguided policies that diminish demand will make potential and promise much more difficult.

IL Corn will continue to work on market opportunities like increased ethanol markets, increase international demand and opportunities through free trade, and a growing livestock industry, to buoy corn prices through this tough season.

For now, be safe during this planting season and keep that eternal optimism farmers are famous for.  And track your progress on social media outlets at #plant16!