Lindsay Mitchell

May 04, 2016  |  Today's News

U.S. agriculture has an amazing success story to share when it comes to exporting agricultural products.  You can better understand that story by checking out the very interactive website provided by U.S. Grains Council here.

For example, did you know that China increased ethanol exports by 189,000% this marketing year over last marketing year?  That’s an increase of almost 98 million gallons of ethanol.  Why?

Because U.S. Grains Council, farmer leaders, and other industry leaders like Angela Tin from the American Lung Association of Illinois went to China and talked with government leaders about the product, the cheap octane it provides, and the improvement in air quality China could count on by using it.  China began to feel better about the U.S. product.  Especially in some cultures around the world, the relationships built are THIS important in selling products overseas.

But also because the world is quickly realizing that ethanol is the cheapest way to provide octane.  Period.

Sales of U.S. ethanol to Peru increased 182% as well.  Other countries saw minor fluctuations in purchases, but Brazil – our only true competitor in this market place – remained our fourth largest purchaser of ethanol, falling from second largest last marketing year.

There are other very interesting stories to understand about DDGS exports, corn exports, and even meat and poultry exports.  Check it out for yourself and prep for World Trade Month in May!