Lindsay Mitchell

May 26, 2016  |  Today's News

For the IL Corn staff, most of whom are farm kids, it’s a great day when we get back out on the farm, connecting with our farmers and doing what we love.

Today was a great day to connect with Justin Durdan, the Illinois Corn Growers Association Vice President, and with the non-farmers in Chicago that want to understand more about who Illinois farmers are and how those farmers are growing food.

Justin did two live broadcasts from his farm today as he sprayed and fertilized his corn.  You can see both archived through the Illinois Farm Families Twitter and Facebook accounts. 

The work of Illinois Farm Families is very important to help non-farmers understand more about their food, the farms in Illinois, and begin to understand that farmers are growing healthy food in an environmentally friendly way.

Make sure to check out Justin’s work – and don’t forget to start live broadcasting your farm as you complete vital, day-to-day work growing the food and fiber our world demands.