Lindsay Mitchell

Jun 29, 2016  |  Today's News

Thank you to Senator Dick Durbin and Senator Mark Kirk for their support of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and the original Congressional intent of the bill passed in 2007.

In a recent letter to the Environmental Protection Agency, a bipartisan group of 39 Senators, including both Illinois Senators, urged the EPA to ensure that the final blending targets under the RFS “promote growth in the U.S. biofuel sector and capture economic opportunity rather than drive investment overseas.”

The most recent EPA proposal reduces the biofuel usage to 14.8 billion gallons of conventional biofuels (such as ethanol) instead of the 15 billion gallons directed by Congress in the RFS.

“Thank you to Senator Durbin and Senator Kirk for recognizing the importance of this policy for farmers, but for all Americans.  We all deserve clean air and healthy families both on and off the farm,” said Jeff Jarboe, President of the Illinois Corn Growers Association.