Lindsay Mitchell

Jul 14, 2016  |  Today's News |  ICGA

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.--Jeff Jarboe, a farmer from Loda, Ill., and Illinois Corn Growers Association President, released the following statement following the House vote on a genetically modified organism (GMO) labeling bill today.  The bill would prevent a patchwork of state by state labeling laws.

“Illinois farmers offer a huge thank you to the entire Illinois delegation for their positive votes on a national GMO labeling bill this week.  Today, 16 out of 18 Illinois House members voted in favor of the bill.  This is a signal that a national law superseding state by state laws was needed.

“This positive vote is a positive vote for science based standards in our government.  Scientifically, there is no difference between genetically modified foods and traditional foods.  They are equally healthy and nutritious for all Americans.  I am happy to see that we will now have a law that both provides information about food products to the people who want to know, while not vilifying foods that were produced using conventionally grown, genetically modified crops.

“Thanks again to our House delegation!”