Lindsay Mitchell

Jul 19, 2016  |  Today's News

We need your help to stop the EPA from regulating the use of atrazine, a safe and effective pesticide!

In June 2016, the EPA released its draft ecological risk assessment for atrazine, a common and effect crop management tool that farmers use. Atrazine has been studied thousands of times and been proven multiple times over to be completely safe. Citing scientific evidence that their oversight board once deemed “flawed,” the EPA is advocating for farmers to significantly reduce the amount of atrazine that they use to protect against resistant weeds and diminish soil erosion. Essentially, the EPA is basing their decision on one study in contrast with the overwhelming amount of data that verifies atrazine to be safe. Not only would the implementation of these regulations have an adverse effect on crops, they would create a significant economic cost to farmers. These effects would extend to the entire agricultural economy.

Go to NCGA’s action site and submit comments to the EPA, demanding that they rely upon thousands of scientific studies that prove atrazine to be safe!