Lindsay Mitchell

Aug 18, 2016  |  Today's News

Grant Noland, a farmer from Decatur, IL and At Large Director on the Illinois Corn Growers Association, is featured in two new “Let’s Talk” videos featured on the Illinois Farm Families website (

Noland’s videos focus on how farmers use technology to protect the environment and why genetically modified organisms are valuable to our modern food production systems.

“As a farmer, I feel it’s my primary responsibility to protect the land and the water.  I want to pass down the land in a better state than I received it.  I’m an eighth generation farmer and that’s very important to me.  A couple of things we do on our farm for conservation practices would be soil testing and GPS,” says Noland in a video.

He goes on to explain how soil testing and GPS technologies make a huge impact in the environmental footprint of his family farm.

These videos are yet another opportunity for farmers to have conversations with non-farmers about how we are growing their food and fuel.  In fact, the videos even model a conversation sitting around the dinner table – even though the farmers and non-farmers are miles away.

Check out Noland’s video on genetically modified organisms: