Lindsay Mitchell

Aug 23, 2016  |  Today's News

The December release of the AWI Report Card and Assessment confirmed what other government and independent agencies have been saying for years in regard to the state of our natural and man-made water infrastructure, water quality and water quality in the Upper Mississippi River.

In fact, IL Corn has been working for increased investment in the Mississippi River transportation system for decades.  Most recently, we’ve seen success with an increased user fee.  The increased fee generates money for the Inland Waterways Trust Fund and makes upgrades, maintenance and new lock starts a possibility MUCH sooner than we originally thought we might accomplish them.

But the AWI Report Card shared the shortcomings of the Upper Mississippi River in such a way that it is clear - broad-based collaborative action is needed to make the improvements at scale required.  Underinvestment in infrastructure and programs related to water in the Upper Mississippi System for decades is obvious.  New, different, creative and alternative approaches will be required to get the results needed.

The Upper Mississippi River Raise-the-Grade Conference is all about grass roots collaborative action.  Water solutions in the Upper Mississippi River are multidisciplinary, are fundamentally complex, and will involve multiple interests and stakeholders all pulling together to ensure water security for future generations that will benefit both people and nature. 

The conference will feature sessions that focus in on core issues of the UMR such as flood control and risk reduction. Beyond that, the conference will include community leaders and agriculture stakeholders who are helping to enact important changes and programs to the Upper Mississippi Rivers, including Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey. To see the full schedule of sessions and speakers, click here.

Mark your calendar for the Upper Mississippi River Raise-the-Grade Conference on October 13-14, 2016 in the Quad Cities.  Click here to register!