Lindsay Mitchell

Feb 10, 2017  |  Today's News

If you’re reading this article, you’re most likely to be a farmer or an agribusiness professional.  You already know the answer to “Are farmers rich?”  The answer in 2017 is a resounding “NO!”

But our non-farm neighbors and legislators - the folks that are voting for or against a farm bill in a couple of years and their constituents that call in and ask them to vote against subsidies for farmers - don’t.

They probably didn’t read the USDA’s Farm Income Forecast yesterday.  They didn’t see that net farm income is forecast to decline by 8.7 percent to $62.3 billion, the fourth consecutive year of declines after reaching a record high in 2013.

It’s for the non-farmers that we write our blog, Corn Corps.  And it’s for the non-farmers that we answered this exact question this week.


This is an article that you’ll probably want to read.  And I’m hoping that after you read it, you’ll send it to your family and friends.  Maybe you’ll share this article on your Facebook feed.  Maybe you’ll have your landowners read it or maybe even your small group at church.

Non-farmers don’t have a clue what you’re facing in 2017 as you plan for and plant a crop.  That’s not their fault because we’re not telling them.