Lindsay Mitchell

Mar 28, 2017  |  Today's News

The EPA needs to hear from you to ensure you continue to have the best choices available for your crop protection toolbox. Bifenthrin – the active ingredient in Capture® LFR® insecticide, Ethos® XB insecticide/fungicide and Brigade® 2EC insecticide/miticide – is currently under review. If further restricted or not approved for continued use, the loss of bifenthrin puts more than 14 million acres of crops nationwide at risk.

By law, EPA is required to re-evaluate active ingredients every 15 years. This process includes a public review and the opportunity to provide feedback during a public comment period, which is open now. As a farmer, you have important information the EPA needs to hear.

Explain how you responsibly use pest management products containing bifenthrin on your farm. Outline the benefits, your actual use patterns and the critical nature of bifenthrin for agriculture. Request that EPA not place any unnecessary label restrictions on bifenthrin that limit your access to this important pest control tool.

Defend your yields by visiting and submit your comments to EPA today. Defending bifenthrin protects your ability to responsibly use the crop protection products you choose.