May 23, 2017  |  Ethanol |  Exports |  Additional Research

According to a report from the Renewable Fuels Association, In 2015, the U.S. exported 836 million gallons of ethanol— identical to 2014’s volume and tied for the second-highest annual total on record. In 2015, American-made ethanol was exported to 76 countries on all six inhabited continents around the world. 

An estimated 5.7% of total U.S. ethanol production was exported in 2015, the third-highest share in history. Exports accounted for almost 9% of total production in the record export year of 2011. 

U.S. ethanol exports were valued at $1.78 billion in 2015, down 14% from 2014 but still the fourth highest on record.

In 2016, October saw the highest volume of ethanol exports since December 2011, continuing a "meteoric rise" in exports over the past year.