Shelby Carlson

Jun 07, 2017  |  Today's News |  ICGA |  ICMB

The IL Corn website got a new look with its recent update. The new site is mobile friendly, contains graphics that ease website navigation, and still provides the information of the old website. Take a look at to see what’s new.


With the website up, users can expect a much more enjoyable mobile experience. is now optimized for both smartphone and tablet usage as well as typical a desktop computer.


Take a quick glance at the easy to interpret graphics with labels and follow the links around the website to the same information you could find before as well as new links that for were formally trickier to find on the website. This provides a better, quicker experience for the user saving time and frustration.


Highlights of the website that should be explored are the Corn Corps blog, the “Legislation and Regulation” section, and the Fields-of-Corn Photo Contest. Don’t forget to explore issues that are a priority to IL Corn and those who grow corn around Illinois. Know a teacher or someone who could use some information? Send them straight to our “Resources” tab and have them see what they can learn.


Head to to take a look at the website update enjoy the experience via whatever device is at your disposal.