Jun 08, 2017  |  Today's News |  ICGA |  Locks and Dams |  Legislation & Regulation

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.— Illinois Corn Growers Association President Justin Durdan, a farmer from Utica, issued the following statement regarding President Donald Trump’s comments in support of improving our nation’s aging waterways transportation system.


“It really was quite something to hear President Trump’s remarks today that he delivered along the Ohio River with a barge in the background. He is the first president in quite some time to acknowledge the need to upgrade our inland waterways infrastructure. Those of us in agriculture that rely on our rivers to move goods know that without the necessary improvements to these systems, we’d be at a distinct disadvantage as a nation. Each day that passes with the system in decline represents a loss in our competitive advantage.


“With just one speech, President Trump raised this issue to a position of prominence in our national consciousness as he identified it as a priority for his administration. As he said he would, the president is paying attention to the needs of rural America and has pledged to do what he can to improve the system. Those improvements will help return the U.S. to the top spot of global competitiveness in regard to moving goods on our nation’s rivers and inland waterways.


“We look forward to more details coming from the Trump administration and will eagerly participate in all opportunities to provide input to modernize our nation’s aging system of locks and dams.”