Tricia Braid

Aug 10, 2017  |  Today's News |  Conservation

(ST. LOUIS) – What will improve soil health to make farmland more productive, efficient and sustainable for the next generation, and how does it impact the business side? Get the scoop from area farmers and other experts at a field day across Illinois throughout August, including:

  • Aug. 15: Oglesby, Ill. John Hochstatter Cover Crop Meeting
  • Aug. 16: Monticello, Ill. Lieb Farms Soil Health Meeting
  • Aug. 22: Decatur, Ill. Dave and Chase Brown Soil Health Meeting
  • Aug. 23: Newark, Ill. Brad Scalf Soil Health Meeting
  • Sept. 5: Rutland, Ill. Kirk Kimble Water Quality Site Field Day
  • Sept. 8: Vermillion County, Ill. Tom Kentner Soil Health Field Day

The Soil Health Partnership, partnering with other organizations, will host the events alongside local farmers.  The meetings will include in-depth discussions on soil health and cover crops. The field day events include topics like:

  • Advice on cover crop management for beginning and advanced users
  • Local farmers discussing soil health systems
  • Soil health management considerations
  • An update on water quality news

“The focus on soil health is more than a passing trend for Illinois farmers,” said Jim Isermann, SHP field manager for Illinois. “Improving soil health has positive impacts on optimizing production and helps preserve the land for the next generation. This is a great opportunity to learn from those who are making the leap into the next big shift in agriculture.”

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