Lindsay Mitchell

Sep 20, 2017  |  Today's News

Illinois’ 2017 harvest is slightly behind average progress according to the USDA’s crop progress report this week.

As of September 17, 2017, Illinois corn was 5 percent harvested, up from 2 percent harvested the week before.  Last year at this time, the corn was 8 percent harvested and the 2012-2016 average for this time period is 13 percent harvested.

Most of the Illinois corn falls in the “fair” to “good” categories with only 8 percent of the crop rated “excellent” and 13 percent rated “poor” or “very poor.”

Looking at the 18 states that grow 92 percent of the nation’s corn supply, the mature corn percentage is only 34 percent compared to a five-year average of 47 percent at this time.

Check out the report in full here.