Lindsay Mitchell

Oct 06, 2017  |  Today's News |  Livestock |  Public Outreach

At least 1,500 people participated in a virtual tour of a pig farm courtesy of the Illinois Pork Producers Association and Illinois Farm Families. 

The video included a tour of multiple barns, a better description of the feed and nutritional content for the sows and piglets, and an opportunity for anyone to ask any question they were struggling with.

Some of the questions asked and answered were:

  • What happens when a sow gets sick?
  • How does it smell in there?
  • Is that the size of kennel they spend their lives in?

As Illinois Farm Families openly and honestly brings this information to non-farmers that want to know, we help create a feeling that non-farmers can trust farmers to make the right decisions on their farm.

If you’d like to view the video, check out the Illinois Farm Families Facebook page here.

Illinois Farm Families is a collaborative effort between Illinois Beef Association, Illinois Corn Marketing Board, Illinois Pork Producers Association, Illinois Soybean Association, and Illinois Farm Bureau.