Tricia Braid

Oct 11, 2017  |  Today's News |  Ethanol

Growth Energy announced recently that more than 1,000 fuel stations around the country are offering E15—a fuel with 15 percent ethanol—more than doubling the number of stations from the same time last year. Illinois is proud to say that we’re part of that exponential growth. We now have over 340 fueling locations in Illinois that offer flex-fuel (E85), blender pumps, E15, or a mixture of these options.


Illinois has a surplus capacity of corn-based ethanol. In other words, we make more ethanol than we can use in-state. We’re working to grow our in-state use by offering grants to fueling stations to add expanded consumer options at the pump. One of our newest partners is Casey’s. Most recently, Casey’s opened a brand-new location in Morrisonville, IL where they’ve made higher ethanol blends available.


These infrastructure development programs that your IL Corn checkoff has undertaken is bringing millions of gallons of additional demand to your Illinois corn-based ethanol.


But here’s the big question? Are you choosing a higher ethanol blend at the pump? You should be. After all, You Grow It, You Should Use It.