Lindsay Mitchell

Dec 07, 2017  |  Today's News |  Livestock


Late in November, Illinois agriculture welcomed a new livestock farm family to its ranks as brand new farmers Chad and Julia Krogman (right) and their three young sons, opened their first wean-to-finish pig barn. 


Matt Bradshaw and Dave Meurer opened new pig barns almost within the same week.


Growth in the Illinois livestock industry has always been a priority for IL Corn, as domestic livestock uses four percent of our corn supply, with additional livestock feed coming from the ethanol industry via DDGS.  We enjoy partnering with the Illinois Pork Producers Association and the Illinois Beef Association on various projects, but none more than our partnership in the Illinois Livestock Development Group which helps livestock farmers grow in our state.


These new modern pig barns include numerous advancements in technology. In most new barns, pigs have feed and water access all hours of the day, thanks to automatic feed systems located in each pen. Ventilation is often controlled throughout the barn keeping pigs cool and comfortable through the warm months and, alternatively, warm in the winter. Layers of air filters and “cool cell pads” act as air conditioning during the summer.


The new barns will also add to the local tax base by contributing taxes to the county and local roads, school district and other local taxing districts. The construction and operation created economic development for local businesses and provided job opportunities. And, of course, the livestock will consume corn and soybeans, helping provide markets for local farmers.


At his open house, Chad Krogman said, “We enjoy raising and caring for livestock and the environment. As first-generation farmers, we see raising hogs as an opportunity to work into an agricultural realm that is very capital intense. We feel blessed to have the opportunity to pursue our goals in agriculture and desire to be good stewards of what we’ve been given.”


Welcome to Illinois agriculture Krogman family!  And congratulations to the Bradshaw and Meurer families!