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Farmers continually face challenges like managing resources efficiently, fighting crop diseases, and implementing best management practices. IL Corn encourages farmers to explore these topics and find the strategy that best suits their farm.


Field days and events like Agronomy Day sponsored by the University of Illinois are a service to farmers the make the latest research topics and cutting-edge technologies available to make your strategy planning a little easier. These in-person events give you the chance to witness demos, to hear from expert speakers, and to ask questions.


For more information about events like this, read the following press release from the University of Illinois College of ACES about this year's Agronomy Day:


URBANA, Ill. – Ever wondered how you could use drones to make life easier on the farm? Need new and effective management strategies for western corn rootworm, soybean diseases, or herbicide-resistant weeds? Plan to hear about these and other crop-related topics on Aug. 16 at the 61st annual Agronomy Day, hosted by the Department of Crop Sciences and the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois.

This year’s theme – where science meets practice – is well represented in the lineup of field tour topics and speakers, now available.

Tour A

  1. Evaluating cover crop performance with drones – Cameron Pittelkow and Nicolas Martin
  2. Concentrating on nutrient loss: A review of tile drainage nutrient concentrations – Allan Hertzberger and Laura Christianson
  3. The science behind the official snack food of Illinois: Popcorn – Tony Studer

Tour B

  1. Drones: Where we’re at and where we’re going – Dennis Bowman
  2. On-The-Implement-Intelligent-Soil-Sensing (OTIISS) – Tony Grift
  3. Controlling corn and soybean costs – Gary Schnitkey

Tour C

  1. Managing the evolution of herbicide resistance – Adam Davis
  2. Fact or fiction: Do glyphosate-resistant cropping systems reduce crop health? – Christopher Landau and Marty Williams
  3. Genetic resistance to stop losses from soybean cyst nematodes (SCN) – Brian Diers

Tour D

  1. Evaluating management strategies for western corn rootworm – Nick Seiter
  2. And the survey says... – Kelly Estes
  3. Diagnosing seedling and stem diseases in soybean – Nathan Kleczewski

Tour E

  1. Is there a best way to fertilize corn with nitrogen? – Fred Below and Brad Bernhard
  2. Reaching corn’s top yield potential with hybrid-specific management – Eric Winans and Fred Below
  3. Continuous corn: Challenge accepted – Alison Vogel and Fred Below
  4. Setting yourself up for success in 20-inch corn rows – Brad Bernhard and Fred Below

For over 60 years, Agronomy Day has attracted producers from across Illinois seeking the latest information on technology and techniques to improve food and fuel production. Agronomy Day will be held at 4202 South 1st Street in Savoy on Aug. 16. For more information on speakers, displays, and location, join Agronomy Day 2018 on Facebook or visit the Agronomy Day website.

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