Lindsay Mitchell

Oct 25, 2018  |  Today's News |  Ethanol |  Legislation & Regulation

Farmers can help themselves build market demand by submitting comments to the EPA but they must do it today!  Will you take five minutes to ask for help allowing domestic ethanol markets to grow?  Will you stand up for corn?


The EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration plan to amend certain standards for passenger cars and light trucks model years 2021 through 2026.  This revision is our opportunity to help the agencies see the many benefits of higher-octane fuels and write rules that will provide for the growth of the ethanol market.


You can submit comments in five minutes or less by clicking here and signing your name to the comments we’ve already prepared.


Click here to act!


The comments reflect language that EPA will understand and that might be confusing to farmers.  But the summary of the message is clear: You are a corn farmer, you are struggling through a poor farm economy, you need market demand, and rules that allow more ethanol in fuel blends will help.


Please help us and submit your comments soon!  Deadline is Friday, October 26!